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Drum DJ Mr. Milow

Mr. Milow Drum DJ


The New Mr Milow DJ set is a unique fusion of live drums & DJ After years of appearances in major clubs in the Netherlands and international performances, Mr. Milow has now enriched his DJ set with the live sounds of percussion. Combining his mixing skills with the sound of live percussion beats turns his show into a unique experience. This DJ set is all you needto turn the evening into an epic night out!


Mr. Milow Allround DJ (Mixing videoclips and visuals)


Performs in the best clubs in the Netherlands.

Famous from TMF (The Music Factory) comparable to MTV.

Powered by &

Famous for his ‘Urban House’ Bootlegs and Mixtapes.

Scored a top 10 download hit in the Netherlands.

Performed in Greece, France, Italy.

Mr. Milow Club and festival DJ


Mr. Milow observes that many clubs and Music festivals face a great challenge to gain the loyalty of their audience.
He meets this challenge with Urban & House, his key to
success. Urban House attracts a broad audience.  Everything comes back to Urban & House. The combination of music and many differentsounds fascinates everyone, and people can hardly wait forthe next show. 

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